Bringing in the hay happens at least twice during the summer

Bringing in the hay happens at least twice during the summer

We are so glad you stopped by.  The name of our farm, Ferrum Moraine, is a fancy way of saying Iron Ridge, and that perfectly describes the property our farm is on.  Over 100 years ago pioneers smelted iron from the ridge where our home and main barns currently sit.  Down below the ridge is the rich bottomland of our pasture with an adjacent wooded grove.  

Our 20+ goats munch on the large variety of grasses in the pasture from March through November (sometimes even into December). For the rest of the year they stay mostly in the barn eating the hay we have baled over the summer on an adjoining 15 acres of land.

Currently we produce goat's milk, goat cheese, goat meat, lamb, wool and eggs on our farm.  

Our family farm consists of a herd of dairy goats, a bunch of chickens and a small flock of sheep.

Happy Goats Make the Best Milk!

But there is really so much more to our farm.  To make sure our animals have good food in the winter we put up a large quantity of hay.  Hundreds of bales of a mixed grass hay that guarantees that our milk has a local bent to it ( or as they say in France the terrior).  So between the animals and the hay equipment we needed a lot of infrastructure.  Over the first nine years of farming we have built four different barns.  Two big, two small.  

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Our Mission

In short we aim to produce tasty local food, humanely and sustainably raised.  Local food serves not just our family but our friends and neighbors as well.  Producing local food supports our community and reduces transportation costs which means fresher food with a smaller environmental impact.