Farm Life

Ferrum Moraine Farm was born of the desire to make goat cheese as good as one gets in France.  I mean there's a recipe - so it should be possible, right?  So after several years looking for the right property we finally got our start.  We set out to purchase our first dairy goats in 2007 and our dream began to take hold - Two goats quickly turned into five goats which became 12 goats over the next three years.  We now have over twenty goats.  The years have been filled with lots of learning and adventure.  We currently raise Nubian dairy goats, Icelandic Sheep, and several breeds of heritage poultry.  

Our chickens are raised on pasture to ensure that the eggs have bright sunny yolks and outstanding flavor. Our chickens are a mix of heritage breeds to ensure they would be willing to scratch around in the pasture for much of their food.  Its the grass that they eat that makes those sunny colored yolks and fantastic taste.   Whats a farm without farm fresh eggs?

To make sure our pasture was being fully utilized we decided to add sheep - not just any sheep, Icelandic Sheep.  A triple purpose breed to provide us with milk, meat and wool.  So there you have it a short overview of our farm.